Manufacturing Innovation

Helping businesses use reprocessed packaging solutions

Innovation has been at the forefront of Pulse Plastics Limited since its formation back in 2002 and will continue to play an important part in the continuous development and future of the company.

The key to the success at Pulse is its ability to design and develop unique alternative packaging products to protect steel in transit using low cost high performance products made from recycled polymer creating where ever possible a closed loop a returnable system.

There has recently been a fundamental  change in industries attitude toward plastic, especially the single use of one-way virgin material.  This shift has seen businesses taking greater control on what and where their waste product is processed and the effect it may have on the environment.

Pulse are continually expanding their network to encourage partners who would want their waste plastic, reprocessed, returned or used in the manufacturing of Pulse Plastics 'closed loop' products.

We also offer alternative solutions to European manufactured plastic packaging. If you as a company want to explore the opportunities of products being manufactured and stocked in the UK, please make contact below.