coilshield® is an innovative new reusable product which has been designed to protect steel coils from damage to the bore, face, and top edge during internal movements, external transportation or lifting.

The coilshield® is a unique, patented two piece product that offers manufacturers and any users of metal coils superior protection during the internal and external movement. The return on investment is a significant benefit especially to users of high value coils such as stainless steel, tin plate, electrical steels, galvanised and colour coated coils. It is also  suitable for other industries such as paper, films and plastics.

  • Specifically designed and patent protected
  • Protects coil bore, edges and faces
  • Application:
    • Internal movement
    • Post delivery
    • External movement
  • Delivery to end user
  • Designed around bore sizes:
    • 610, 508 & 406
  • Adaptable for other sizes & bores

It is a simple two piece, self-locking, light weight product that only takes seconds to fit or remove. It is designed to stay on a naked or packed coil without any fixings, strapping or magnets. 

It is manufactured from a specifically developed robust co-polymer polypropylene, which can also be fully recycled.  It is fully reusable and expected to withstand many coil movements.

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Product Presentation

Thickness (Average) 3.5mm
Bore sizes available 508mm (20") & 610mm (24")
Locking mechanism Yes - two part self locking
Colour Yellow (Other colours available subject to minimum volume
Usual applications All type of coils
Weight per part Small - Wall size from 190mm - 250mm
Inner Bore 508 = 800g
Inner Bore 610 = 820g
Small Outer = 1000g
Medium - Wall size from 250mm - 420mm
Inner Bore 508 = 800g
Inner Bore 610 = 1000g
Medium Outer = 1300g
Large   - Wall size from 420mm - 640mm
Inner Bore 508 = 800g
Inner Bore 610 = 1000g
Large Outer = 2400g

Product Composition

Co-Polymer Polypropylene (Co-PP), is a thermoplastic polymer used in a wide variety of applications including packaging. Co-PP is fully recycled, and has the number "5" as its recycling symbol. 

Product Characteristics

Fully Recyclable Yes
Health and Safety issues None
Compression resistance High
Waterproof Yes
Flexibility Yes

The above information is provided for indication only. Pulse Plastics Limited reserves the right to change the product specifications and composition functions of new raw material or specific technical detail.

coilshield® in use

See the effective use of this product in our live demonstration video.


Patent Application No. GB1506166.6