Knowledge and expertise in plastics innovation

Pulse Plastics Limited specialise in the design and manufacture of a range of injection moulded inner bore and extruded outer edge protection for steel coils. These high performance inner bore and outer edge products are made from 100% recycled HDPE and PP.

Our Process


Coil Protection

Innovative Steel Bore and Edge Protection

Pulse Plastics specialises in the manufacture of innovative plastic extruded and injection moulded bore and edge protection products for the movement, transportation and packaging of steel coils.

Our Coil Protection



Creating innovation through partnerships to recover, reprocess and reuse.

Innovation has been at the forefront of Pulse Plastics Limited since its formation back in 2002 and will continue to play an important part in the continuous development and future of the company.


Manufacturing Innovation

Helping businesses use reprocessed packaging solutions

Pulse are continually expanding their network to encourage partners who would want their waste plastic, reprocessed, returned or used in the manufacturing of Pulse Plastics 'closed loop' products.